Charter Tour

AD HOC RENTAL LTD is committed to providing personalized tourism for tourists.

Firstly, We arrange and choose tourist attractions and staying time in tourist attractions according to the requirements of tourists.

Secondly, our company’s vehicle can park in scenic places along the journey according to the requirements of tourists and legal parking.

Thirdly, AD HOC RENTAL LTD offers various topics of travel, for example, skiing tour, family tour, honeymoon tour and business tour and etc. Fourthly, AD HOC can provide accommodation services for tourists and book hotels in major cities in New Zealand. We can save you 20%-30% of the hotel expenses through the hotel we book on behalf of you.

Finally, our company’s service personnel are senior professionals in the industry. They have many years of experience in the tourism industry. In short, the biggest features of our customized tourism products are flexible journey, characteristic accommodation, comfortable experience, reasonable price and etc. We will arrange a customized itinerary and create your own travel for you.