New Zealand Traffic Regulation

For a safe and enjoyable driving experience while on vacation, make sure you're familiar with the important New Zealand road rules below.  

  • Stay on or below the legal speed limits indicated on road signs. The maximum speed on any open road is 100km/h. The maximum speed in urban areas is 50km/h. Adjust your speed as conditions demand. 
  • When traffic lights are red you must stop. When traffic lights are amber you must stop unless you are so close to the intersection it is unsafe to do so. 
  • Drivers and passengers must wear seat belts or child restraints at all times, in both front and rear seats. 
  • Do not drink and drive. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime in New Zealand. 
  • Signposting follows standard international symbols and all distances are in kilometers (km). 
  • Driving while using a hand-held cellphone is illegal in New Zealand. 
  • It is illegal to pass other cars where there is yellow line instead of a white line marking the middle of the road. The yellow line indicates that it's too dangerous to overtake.